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Only the best specialists

Smart and dedicated professionals form our worldwide best-in-class team. Come join us to keep growing your skills everyday with the latest technologies, in an agile start-up environment.


We use modern technologies that allow to create complex things for simple use.

payever is built from scratch with the latest technologies: from the server infrastructure to the REST-APIs and solution applications built on microservices.


payever has grown to a multi-product company within one operating system. You can compare it to Windows - but specifically for buying and selling. Today we have more than 15 applications to cover all the business needs.


The web is constantly changing and new technologies bring new possibilities. That’s why we are using cutting-edge Javascript technologies as MongoDB, Angular, Node or Express.


To optimize our infrastructure we use Microsoft Azure cloud-based solutions.


Structured and well-established process is the key to success.

We do share a passion for Agile development, clean-code and effective project management to achieve our goals.


Creates amazing and UX-friendly designs for one of our applications (e.g. Payment, Shipment etc). After that sends produced masterpiece to the project manager.

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Project manager

Assigns tasks to developers to convert cool design to great working product. The main responsible person for quality and timely completion. So you know now, whom to blame in any situation :)


Is not afraid of complex problems and clearly sees the way to solve any task the PM assigned, creating an extra clean code ready to be tested.

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Is a real “bughunter”, who runs many tests on our test environment to ensure quality of our products.


The finished project goes live and becomes available for happy merchants and customers! Mission complete :)


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