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Reach your customers

Build relationships by helping your customers in real time. Keep your conversations after any transaction, and you can also send personalized offers as well.

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    Hi Alice! Guess what?? Your new shoes finally arrived 😬 👻 🙏
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All of your conversations from one place

Let your customers talk to you from their favorite messaging app. Manage all of your conversations and communicate from one single app.

Easier for them, easier for you.


Go with your customers wherever they go

Live support

Help, guide, and give advice to your customers while they are in your store

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I love these shoes…
I wonder if they have them in blue
Of course we have them, and they are on sale! 👏

Personal communication

Keep in touch with your customers after they leave the store

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We have just open a new store in your neighbourhood! 🏠
Thanks! You’ll see me there more often 😂 😂 😂

Target marketing

Optimize your efforts with tailored offers. Reach out to the right customers to re-engage them

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Hi Kevin, we were thinking of you when these new shoes arrived
Woah men! They are amazing!


Live support


Personal communication

Keep conversations alive

Let your customers continue the conversation from the app they want

Smart customer organization

Group them based on any criteria you want to optimize your efforts and target the right audience

Quick and personal support

Give the best assistance to your customers by replying them from your mobile

Know who you are talking to

You will have access to the entire profile of all of your customers. This way, you can provide assistance more efficiently.

Stay your customers up to date

Announce important news, events or any kind of relevant information your customers care of

Treat your customers as they deserve

Break seller/buyer frontiers and build relationships by talking as good friends


Optimize your efforts with tailored offers


    Design your emails to add your personal style

    We integrate MailChimp, the best software for handling your emails


    Offer the right product to the right people

    Group your customers by their interests, location, language or any other criteria to match their needs with your products.


    Go whenever your customers are

    Choose the right channel for the right person. You can send Push notifications, emails, SMS… etc

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Reach your customers like never before