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Your customer at the center
of your business.

A business is built on relationships, and relationships have always been complicated. payever is designed to help businesses cut through that complexity and focus on improving relationships with their customers.

Contacts app filter

Segments and filters

Find your slice.

Create segments to engage customers more efficiently and effectively. Define custom audiences based on behaviors, actions, and attributes to reach out to customers in ways that actually mean something to them.

Customer profiles

Data driven decisions.

Learn more about your customers and their shopping habits. Find their contact info and order history at a glance. Get the entire timeline of a user’s engagement with your business.

Contacts app customer profile
Contacts app targeted campaigns

Targeted campaigns

Use the right touch.

Conversations work best when you catch people at the right moment. With Contacts, you can design a campaign to fit the context. Trigger in-product messages based on segments, drop a line to VIPs, or send a one-off campaign to your whole list.

Offers optimization

Save time while boost your sales.

Make it easy to automate follow-ups offers to increase deal and customer engagement. Trigger particular campaigns when a deal is won or lost. Drive traffic, increase conversions and boost loyalty with the right communication at the right time.

Contacts app optimizations hints

Contacts app for customers

Your store through the eyes of your customers.

Relationships works two ways. With Contacts app your customers can follow their activity with your store, helping them to make your relationship more solid. With payever selling and buying is no more just a b2b or b2c it is h2h - human to human. Enjoy!

Know more about payever for customers
Contacts app feature
Contacts app feature
Contacts app feature

Follow stores

Follow your favourite stores and always stay updated on new collecions, products, sales and discounts.

Direct store information

Manage everything from your payever app. Your dashboard is your personal mobile store for each brand you like.

Offers at one glance

Simply type the name of a product you would like to buy and compare prices at all the stores available.

Build your customer relations with payever Contacts now.