You can test each payment option by using the test data below.

IMPORTANT: Please use Sandbox modus. Do not use test data in live environment. You can create your own sandbox account here: https://sandbox.payever.de or use following API credentials:


Client_id: 1454_2ax8i5chkvggc8w00g8g4sk80ckswkw0c8k8scss40o40ok4sk
Client_secret: 22uvxi05qlgk0wo8ws8s44wo8ccg48kwogoogsog4kg4s8k8k
Slug: payever
Shop ID (depends on shop system):

Shopware 13619
Magento 13620
WooCommerce 13625
PrestaShop 13626
JTL 13622
OXID 13623
xt:Commerce 13624

Payment options:

Credit Card (Stripe) -
Card Number 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiration Date All dates in the future
CVC Every 3-digit number such as 123
Credit Card (PayEx) -
Card Number 4581097655558174
Expiration Date 02/18
CVC 210
Direct Debit -
Account Holder Chris Hansen
Account Number 12345678
Bank Code 10000000
Invoice (PayEx) Positive Solvency Negative Solvency
Name Eva Dagmar Christina Tannerdal Eva Dagmar Christina Tannerdal
SSN 5907195662 590715-3174
Street Name Gunbritt Boden p Gunbritt Boden p
Street Number 12 12
City Småbyen Småbyen
Zip Code 29620 29620
Country Sweden Sweden
Santander Denmark Germany Norway Sweden
First Name Test Test Test Test
Last Name Test Test Test Test
Birth Date Over 18 years Over 18 years Over 18 years Over 18 years
IBAN DE12500105170648489890
SSN request SSN request SSN
NemID skat24/skat2013/Nøglekort
Other fields - Any value Any value Any value
Sofort -
Bank Code/Routing Number 88888888
Account Number/PIN Any value
TAN 12345
PayPal -
E-Mail test@payever.de
Password test123

Please also pay attention to the minimum and maximum amount of the payment option and the customer address (not every payment option is available in every country).