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How to Setup Finance Express

Integrate payever custom checkout with any eCommerce platform or webpage.

Finance Express is available for any webpage or eCommerce platform.

payever Finance Express provides the following solutions:

  • Text link
  • Button
  • Widget/Calculator
  • Bubble.

These solutions are pre-coded and require minimal setup. Simply choose the desired color, name, and dimensions and payever will generate a HTML/Javascript block of code that you can integrate to your webpage.

How to integrate the Finance Express widget:

  1. First of all you need to get the source code of the widget that you want to place on your website. You can find it at Apps > Finance Express > Widgets
  2. Choose the widget that you want to use and click on it. You will see the widget configuration interface.
  3. Customize your widget as you need. You can change the look anytime later without having to change the code.
  4. Below you can find the source code of the widget that you want to implement. Copy it and place in the template/product page in your e-commerce system.
  5. You need to replace the data placeholders with the correct variables of your CMS. The placeholders are:
    • data-code
    • data-name
    • data-price
    • data-currency
  6. If you need to update the widget information (for example if you use product variants) you can do following steps using your CMS or Javascript:
    • Update data-attributes of div.payever-finance-express
    • Call Payever.FinanceExpress.Embed.updateWidget();
      The full code may look like

      $(‘.payever-finance-express’).attr(‘data-price’, variant.price);


$product         = get_product( get_the_ID() );
<div class="payever-finance-express-wrapper">
  class="payever-finance-express payever-banner-and-rate"
  data-code="<?php echo $product->get_sku(); ?>"
  data-name="<?php echo $product->get_name(); ?>"
  data-price="<?php echo $product->get_price_including_tax(); ?>"
  data-currency="<?php echo get_woocommerce_currency(); ?>">
<script> (function (p, a, y, e, v, r, f) {
    p[v] = p[v] || [];
    p[v][r] = p[v][r] || [];
    if (!p[v][r][y]) {
      p[v][r][y] = f = a.createElement(y);
      f.async = 1;
      f.src = e;
  })(window, document, 'script', '', 'Payever', 'FinanceExpress');

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