Create personal offers

Create personal offers in payever to enhance your sales performance.

You can create personal offers for your prospect and loyal customers using the Create New Offer function in payever. The Marketing Application allows you to create, edit, and send personal offers to individual customers and groups of payever contacts.

How to access Create Personal Offers function:

  • The Marketing Dashboard opens where all your saved and sent commercial offers are listed.

How to create new offer:

Click on Create New Offer. A new window opens where you can create an offer.

  • Enter one or more email addresses in the To Contacts field.
  • Use the Add Recipient button to add individual contacts or groups of contacts.

When you are filling out the form, payever strongly recommends you to enter a complete and valid email address.

  • Type a subject line in the Subject field.

We advise you to write a subject line that suggests a special offer from your payever store is inside.

  • Type a new message in the Message box.

Provide sufficient information about your product or service offer. Providing accurate information helps your customers easily understand why you send them a personal offer. Detailed and correct product information also boosts conversion rates.

  • Add a product in the Add Item box.

Select an item from the list of available items in Products.

  • Select a payment method by clicking on the Edit Payment Options button.

You can ask your contacts about their preferred method of payment before you send a Personal Offer.

  • Select a shipping method by clicking on the Edit Shipping Settings button.

You can choose between different shipping options that you activate through the respective Enable slider.

Save and send offers:

  • After the offer is drafted, click the Send Offer button to send it to all recipients.
  • Click Save Draft to store the offer for later use.

Useful Tip: You can create Personal Offers also through the Contacts Application and in the Communication Application.