Remove product

How to remove a product in payever.

You can remove a product from a payever store but should do it carefully because it will be deleted from all your sales channels. Remove products only when necessary or if you do not need them anymore.

You can delete products in your store or in the Products App. The procedure for deleting an item is the same in both your store and in the Products App.

How to access Delete Item function:

  • You can also select a store from My Stores in your Business Dashboard and click on the Items tab to view the products listed in this store.

How to remove product in payever:

  • First select a product through your store or the Products App.
  • To remove an item, click the Delete Item button. This button is embedded into the picture of every product.

The system is asking for confirmation before deleting the selected item. Click Confirm to delete or Cancel to return to the Products list without deleting.

You cannot restore deleted payever products.

Useful Tip: Removing a product from the Products App also removes this item from all sales channels.