Add or edit Statistics Dashboard

Track sales statistics by monitoring sales by product, region, or product category. Check global sales indicators.

Your payever Statistics Dashboard provides functionality to track sales statistics and monitor your global sales. The payever Statistics App can track any sales channel you install and activate. Analyze global sales performance or add a specific indicator you want to track in your stores. You can check all past performance of a store or select a specific period to analyze.

How to access Statistics Dashboard:

  • A new screen opens where you can create and edit statistics dashboards.

You can add individual indicators for any installed sales channel. In addition, data from all channels can be monitored in a single chart using a summary widget.

Always check the Enable slider of a sales channel you want to monitor. If you have installed a sales channel but it is not active, you will not be able to follow its sales performance.


How to create payever Statistics Dashboard:

Your Statistics Dashboard will show a blank My Dashboard if you have not created any dashboards.

  • Click on the Add Widget button to add statistics widgets in My Dashboard. You can also create multiple custom statistics dashboards.
  • Click on the Add Statistics Dashboard button to create a new blank dashboard. This will be a dashboard for the currently selected business. A new window opens.
  • Enter a name for the new dashboard. Select a name and click on Create Dashboard to save the new dashboard. Click Cancel to exit without saving.

How to track sales statistics by adding Statistics Widgets:

  • Click on the Add Widget button. A new screen opens, listing all your installed sales channels.
  • Select a sales channel and click on it. Click on a sales indicator you want to add.

Any widget you install has embedded Remove button, which you can use to delete a widget from the dashboard .

How to add Summary Widget:

  • Click on the Add Widget button. The Summary Widget is located in your sales channel screen.
  • Select Summary to add global revenue stats for you business.
  • Click on the Add Widget button to confirm. This button is embedded into the widget.
  • Upon confirmation, the Summary Statistics Widget is added to your Statistics Dashboard.

The Summary Statistics Widget tracks and displays revenue data for all sales channels during a specific period. An installed sales channel should be active in order to track its performance.

Available payever Statistics Widgets:

Your Statistics Dashboard features the following Statistics Widgets you can add to any installed sales channel:

  • Global Sales.
  • Sales per Region, Sales by Payment, Sales by Product Category, and Sales by Product.
  • Products by Category.

You can monitor multiple indicators of a sales channel or add different channels to a single dashboard.

How to add Statistics Widget for a sales channel:

  • Open your Statistics Dashboard.
  • Click on the Add Widget button. A new screen opens, listing all your installed and active sales channels.
  • Select a sales channel and click on it. A new window opens, listing all available sales indicators.
  • Click on a Statistics Widget to add it to your dashboard.

You can add indicators for any sales channel into a single dashboard. For example, you can create a dashboard that collects Sales by Payment indicator for all your online stores.

The logo of the sales channel is showing in the top left corner of each chart in the dashboard. This helps you to easily find a chart that track sales statistics for a specific channel.

How to filter statistical data:

Each Statistics Widget features data filtering functionality. Filter data by clicking on the Filter button in the respective chart.

Data periods:

Click on Filter and select a data period in the Periods field. Click on Custom to select a custom period for which data is displayed.

Useful Tip: You can arrange charts by dragging and dropping a chart into a new placeholder in the Statistics Dashboard of your payever business.