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Transactions App overview

Track payever transactions using the payever Transactions App.

The payever Transactions Application provides functionality to track your sales, transactions, as well as business-related activities within payever. You can monitor and check when a transaction was made, what is the current transaction status, and what payment method and sales channel was used for a selected transaction.

How to access the Transactions App:

  • The Transactions Dashboard opens.

Select transaction details:

  • Select Time to choose a time period you want to check.
  • Click on Payment to select a specific payment method you want to check.
  • Choose Channel to select a specific sales channel you want to check.

All options feature Select All function.

The Transactions App collects information about the following financial details:

  • Payment method – Displays the payment method used for the transaction.
  • State – Displays the status of the selected purchase.
  • Channel & Payment – Displays the sales channel (checkout) and the payment method used to make the purchase.
  • Customer – Displays the name of the customer who made the transaction.
  • Amount – Total amount of the transaction.
  • Date – Date and time of the transaction.


How to search in payever Transactions App:

You can also use the search box to find a specific transaction.

  • In the Transactions App, type the information you are looking for in the Search field, and then click Enter to start a search.


How to copy your transactions locally:

You can also download an offline copy of your business transactions history.

  • Click on the Download button, and then select a download destination for your local copy.


Check transaction details:

You can view details about any transaction by clicking on it. A new window opens, displaying detailed information about the selected payment.

You can refresh your Transactions screen by clicking on the Refresh button next to the Download button.

Useful Tip: You can sort the content of any column in the Transactions App by clicking on the column title.

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