payever Legal

Legal security.

Filing of legal suits can harm your entire business while hiring lawyers costs lot of time and money. With payever Legal we offer a new solution: Simply enter your company data and get all required legal texts written by lawyers in minutes. These legal texts specifically for your business can be integrated into your online shop or website. If you get sued your business is legally covered up to 500.000€.


All the templates and forms are authored by experienced ecommerce lawyers.

Unlimited downloads

Use your docs as often as needed with no limits on downloads and website integrations.

Regular updates

All the documents are updated and reviewed on a regular basis. So you always stay safe.

No hidden fees

Get the full kit of legal papers for a fixed price. No additional fees are charged.

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Test your payever Legal 14 days for free. No risk. No credit card.

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Facebook Store

Start selling on

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Facebook Store

Add your store and as many items as you want. Join the market of over 1 billion new customers. In minutes.

Simple integration with your CRM system.

Easy checkout from a Facebook Messenger.

One single dashboard for all your stores.

Email notifications for new Facebook orders.


Developed for mobile.

The Facebook Shop is created for both the desktop and mobile users, meaning all your products look great regardless the device your customers use to reach your store.

Facebook Store Mobile
Facebook Store One-Step checkout


One-step checkout.

Safe and convenient checkout process inside the Facebook app for US citizen or inside your online store for non-US users. Convert your images into sales. Easy.


Live support via Messenger.

Provide your customers with the opportunity to contact you directly through a Facebook Messenger. Build personalized relations and get returning purchases.

Login with your Facebook account
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Store Products


Sync with your store.

Switch on the Facebook store in your payever dashboard - and all the products and inventory will be updated automatically.


Spread your store.

Take advantage of Facebook virality.

Facebook Store Post

One sale, hundreds of shares

Thanks to social features, every item sold can be spread with ease.

Turn your posts into sales

Customers begin and finish the sales process without ever leaving Facebook.

Tailored campaigns

March your customers’ needs with your products thanks to our metrics.

How to

In Minutes.

Creating your own store is this easy.

1. Create your store

Your store name, your logo, and one description is all you need.

2. Add your items

Add as many products as you wish.

3. Improve selling

We provide powerfull tools to optimize campaigns.

Did we mention all this is completely free to get started?

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payever Transactions

Your transactions under control.

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payever Transactions

Gather information from all your sales channels and manage every order in a single easy-to-use tool. Edit, check and create invoices even if you're on the go


Automatically sync data between payever transactions app and your CRM system once you connect them with one another.

Purchase orders and bills

Turn purchase orders into bills in a few clicks. Update your inventory data automatically thanks to connection of bills and receives.

Instant status updates

Get automatic status updates for all your sales orders - track payments, shipments and deliveries and see all changes that appear.

Single customer view

Access quickly the full history of your customer's orders, shipments, invoices, returns, top selling items and preferences.

Sales Orders

Process sales orders. In minutes.

Create, edit and change orders, draw up invoices, set up the priority and keep your tabs on all the status updates for your transactions.

payever Transactions

Sales orders and invoices.

Convert sales orders to invoices in several clicks. Edit, resend and print invoices and get the status updates in minutes.

Quick orders.

Feel free to duplicate, change and re-use past orders as well as billing and shipping information of your clients - reduce the number of inputting and process more effectively.

Order prioritization.

Set up the order-processing priority. Match your business needs with the filtering rules to combine orders by sales channel, order or shipping status, payment method or total amount.

Orders on your phone.

Stay updated on all your sales orders, transactions and delivery statuses any time and wherever you are with the mobile-optimized dashboard.

Orders details

Your orders. In full view.

Get the precise information on each order, transaction and client as well as delivery status, method and details.

Billing / shipping address.

Save the billing and shipping addresses of your customers to process the orders instantly with the auto-filled data.

Delivery tracking.

See the details on where exactly your packing is at the moment, contact the carrier and make changes in a click.

Total transaction amounts.

Monitor total amounts of transactions performed by your customers with a detailed data on each transaction.

Order history.

The entire history of every order each client has made. Never before was it that easy to personalize the sales.

Connect with contacts app
Orders details

Feed Management

Manage order data. Simple and efficient.

Set up custom rules for order search and routing, export or import your data and manage the invoices for all your stores instantly.

Offline printing.

Print sales, orders, invoices and transaction history any time you wish, even when offline, simply saving them as a CSV file.

Route from different locations.

Set the priority rules to route orders from the best location (store, stock or shipping office) and increase your efficiency and customer loyalty.

Feed Management
Export and Import Orders

Export and import orders.

Export all the order data as a spreadsheet, safe or edit it and easily import it back as a CSV if needed. Process your feed fast and effective.

Smart search.

Find the relevant data fast and accurate with payever smart search feature allowing to search by order, customer, status, payment, delivery or total amount spent.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Shipping made easy.

Make it easy for your customers to track their orders with a simple integration of shipping feature with all the major careers.

Generate labels.

Add packing slips and shipping labels to all the orders you ship and reduce time for returns.

Get current status updates.

Get automatic status updates on all the orders that have been shipped, delivered or returned to update your stock data accordingly.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Email notifications.

Notify your customers by email each time the shipment status got changed and grow the loyalty to your brand.

Smart shipping options.

Shipping rates of all the partnering shipping services are available in one place.

Learn more about shipping app


Smart apps for smart management.

Get the full view of your transactions with the supporting payever apps.

Manage your transactions with us.

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payever Payments

Accept payments

Start now Payments

There is no perfect payment system that fits every business - with payever payments you can generate more revenue while helping users get paid effortlessly - no matter what kind of business you own

What is payever payments?

Machine learning security.

Following PCI standards and accompanied with data encryption payever ensures the security of your customers and business.

Maximum conversion.

The newest payment features, automatically supported by our engineers and designers. Provide your customers with the most convenient way to pay online.

Easy setup. Free use.

Setup is easy as one-two-three. Pay per transaction. No monthly or hidden fees. No need in additional hardware.

Easy transition.

Easily switch from your service to payever payments. Your customers won't experience any difficulties or inconveniences.


Payments for your
online store.

Designed specifically for your online store, payever payments offers you a fully integrated service, complete with reports and a secure mobile-friendly interface for an enhanced customer experience.

Responsive Checkout

A checkout reimagined from A to Z.

From the very beginning, our goal was to design a full, uncompromising payment experience. payever payments is more functional and intuitive than every other payment process buyers have experienced before. We started from scratch, reinventing each essential element as part of a singular, deceptively simple design. It´s everything there is to love about payment.

Try it out yourself.

3 Cardington Street, Euston, London, NW1 2LW
1234 1234 5678 6745Card number
Max MorganName on card
09 / 21MM / YY


Santander bank financing.

Decrease the number of abandoned carts with an opportunity for your customers to pay a series of regular installments supported by the Santander Bank. The system will automatically count on losses and revenues you get and allow customer to proceed when it is cost-efficient for your business.


Ultimate conversions with overlay checkout.

Our overlay checkout technology allows customers to check out an item directly from the product page. This simple one-page checkout has the potential to boost your conversions with over 10% by making it easier and faster to complete an order.


Connect all payments with all platforms.

Choose any number of payment options and integrate them in a single solution into your store. We offer all major shop system plugins and a great documented API. Also our customer support is here to help you.

Payments Integrations

payever PoS

Simplest register ever.

Use payever Point-of-Sale solution inside your local store. Our POS is compatible with any iOS and Android devices. Save time and money by processing payments with the devices you already own. No additional hardware needed. Customers can pay their goods securely with any payment option inside your store. If they wish to pay cash or via check, you can manually record the transactions.

Learn more about payever PoS


Checkout wherever your customer is. All you need is your smartphone or tablet, no additional hardware is required.

Gift cards.

Enhance your boost strategy with gift cards. Easily redeem them via PoS in your store or online.

Split tenders.

Make it possible for your customers to choose several payment options for a single transaction - one or several credit cards and cash or check.


Provide seasonal or bulk discounts, establish loyalty program for returning customers and manage all that by percentage or dollar amount in payever PoS.

Payment Options

More payment options. Less fees.

Activate one, two, or all payment options available, with a single click. We don’t charge any monthly fees. All processing costs apply when you make or receive a payment.

  • 1.9 % + 0.35€

    Fee per transaction

  • Non-European cards

    2.9 % + 0.25€

    European cards

    1.4 % + 0.25€

    Fee per transaction

  • 0.28€

    Fee per transaction

  • 0.8 % + 0.15€

    Fee per transaction

  • 0.00€

    Fee per transaction

Why customers choose us?

Call, email, or tweet us.

Get in touch with our customer support team by phone, email, or Twitter—or get instant answers in our Support Center.

Scales With You.

The one technology layer that serves you from first dollar to your first billion processed.

No frozen assets.

With payever payments any issues regarding atypical payments are solved fast and smoothly. No more frozen assets and stuck funds.

Easy to enable payment methods.

Forget boring procedures, absurd requirements and overcomplicated setups. Enabling or disabling payment methods is that easy, just turn them on and off whenever you want.

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Trusted by the best businesses.

Start with payments today.

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payever Statistics

Accurate data to fuel your business.

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payever Statistics

Discover all the insights of your business without a single line of code. Identify your perfect customer and growthhack your sales.

Detailed segmentation

Group customers based on their purchase behaviour , lifetime value, transaction volume, country, products they chose and many more.

Multiple sources

Choose the sourses to collect data from - have the general statistics for all your stores, shop systems and apps in a single dashboard.

Abandoned carts

Connect your statistics with marketing and reduce the number of abandoned carts with the personalized emails.

Automated integration

Integrate the statistics app easily to any of your existing shop systems or online stores and start making data-drive business decisions today.

Apps statistics

Analyze apps one by one.

The most personalized tool ever: choose the metrics to analyze and add them in a form of intuitive widgets. Monitor the data for each of your stores, apps and shopsystems with individually set up rules. Easy and intelligent.

Apps Statistics

Easy integration.

Whether you have your whole business running with payever, or just few apps, or even if you want to build your store with another shopsystem, payever statistics integrates perfectly to help you understand what's going on in your business and boost your sales.

Custom dashboard.

Select the widgets that fit your business. Customize your statistics dashboard for your store, another shopsystem, or any other of the payever apps and get relevant information by selecting what data you want to measure, and improve your sales.

Statistics by app.

Get specific statistics for any of your payever apps. Measure your store sales and traffic, learn how your marketing works out or get the data you need for your customers. Each of the payever apps come with the separate metrics, all managed from a single dashboard.

Advance segmentation

Meet the widgets.

Explore the world of data with universal and multi-tasked widgets to cover all your business needs and test new business models.

  • Products

    Optimize every part of your business with the data on best sold products, sales by category and item leftovers.

    Statistics Products widgets
  • Contacts

    Apply a personalized approach, knowing who your customers are, how much do they buy and how long do they surf your store.

    Statistics Contacts widgets
  • Transactions

    Count your money with the data on total transaction volume, orders, refunded payments, sales by country and abandonment rate.

    Statistics Transactions widgets
  • Payments

    Monitor the statistics on all the payments conducted in your store to define your perfect business strategy.

    Statistics Payments widgets

Funnel analytics

Transaction volume per each app.

Choose one, two, three or all shops or apps to measure your sales and growth. And build your further strategy based on numbers, not suggestions.

Statistics Funnel analytics

Choose channels

Monitor statistics for a single or all the payever stores in your account, and compare easily how your businesses work for you.

Set up date ranges

Define the period you would like to track to see the changes in revenue due to changes in marketing and sales you perform.

Track your business. In detail.

Get started