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Retain your customers.

Customers are tired of standardized advertising. Retention requires individual offers but you don’t have the time for it. payever Marketing offers an intelligent solution - create personalized offers and send them to predefined user groups. Turn your customers, into returning buyers. It´s simple as an email and powerful as an online shop - with one difference: Your individual prices are not displayed to everyone.

Target customers

Filter customers based on what the bought and identify what they most likely could be interested to buy next.

Send personal offers

Create within seconds a personal offer and send it via E-Mail to your customers. They can pay for it with all payment options.

Track success

Understand your customer by analysing the success of different combinations of your personal offers.

No Online Shop required

payever Marketing works without an online shop. Individual prices will stay secret and nobody else except your customer can see it.

Get Inspired

With payever Marketing you can create individual offers for each of your customers. Or whole groups. Of any size. With powerful themes. Easy and in minutes.

Features for your marketing

Don´t send emails or newsletters. Send personal offers with real value for your customers. Raise above the daily noise of all marketers spamming inboxes and generate more sales.

Send personalised offers during a call
Cross sell after sales on specific target groups
Sell without Online Shop via E-Mail and SMS
Treat customers individually online - like locally

How does it work?

1. Choose one or many customers

2. Create a personal offer

3. Customer receives E-Mail

4. Clicks and comes to the specific payever Link

5. Buys via different payment options

1. Choose one or many customers

Simply type the E-Mail or SMS of the customer or choose a contact from the contacts app. You can also select predefined groups.

2. Create a personal offer

Choose from many themes and personalise offers specifically for your customers based on what they most likely want to buy.

3. Customer receives E-Mail

Your customer receives the offer directly on his inbox or mobile phone and can buy it.

4. Clicks and comes to the specific payever Link

Important: When your customer clicks the link he never gets forwarded to your shop but to a personal page specifically for the customer and where only your customer can buy the good at this price.

5. Buys via different payment options

You can offer specifically for your offer either all or just a few payment options depending on your preference.

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