payever Shipping

Automated shipping.

Coordinating the shipping and delivery of all your products can be complex and time consuming, but it’s a necessity, as your customers expect to receive their goods ASAP. payever Shipping works seamlessly with payever Products and payever Shop to automate the entire logistics process with just one click, regardless of whether you ship one item daily, or thousands.

Custom shipping rates

Configure your own rates choosing among free shipping, flat rates, rates per weight or order totals. Set up separate rules for different locations.

Multiple shipping carriers

Organize your own delivery service, connect to one of the leading carriers, or do both to provide your clients with the best shopping experience.

Automatic sync of orders

Sync orders and tracking numbers automatically to monitor the order status in a single dashboard.

Numerous currencies

Auto-detect the geolocation of your customer and show the appropriate currency and shipping rate. Set it manually or let it work automatically.

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